Got Ink?


Today is a gloomy day (weather wise, not mood wise), the rain has once again presented itself to beautiful Vancouver. I really didn’t mind its absence, I’ve no idea who summoned it. Weather like this makes me want to stay in bed all day and watch Disney princess movies (this did not happen, another day perhaps).

Yesterday, my lovely partner in crime and I decided to get some tattoos we’ve been wanting to get. See, this particular friend and I have something in common. We’re impulsive, not competely though, when it comes to this stuff. It doesn’t help that we enable each other haha. Not a bad attribute I think. I feel like if you’ve thought about things enough, and you know for sure you want it, go get it! Too many people over-think things and never end up doing what they really want to do. Sure, tattoos are permanent, but how much of it can you really regret? I love self expression, and this is my way of forever embedding myself with something I truly believe in.

love the life you live, live the life you love

It’s fairly self explanatory. What other way is there to live? I do not care much for judgement, other than the law of course. I mean, duh, in small doses and different aspects of life judgement is important, but self-expression wise, I don’t care. I’m sure people with tattoos can attest to this, but it gets annoying when one asks what it means. It’s like you have to justify to others why you have this ink forever under your skin. I only have a mere two, but still.

How did the parents react? Mother doesn’t care, she’s accepted the norms of Western society and she says “that’s the fad these days” haha. Father on the other hand? *disappointed look* “That’s going to show when you wear formal things! Can you take it off? If you’re going to get tattoos get it where it’s hidden!” I just giggle to myself because that was the reaction I was expecting anyways. Not that it matters anymore. There is still quite the ignorance associated with people’s reactions to individuals with tattoos. Why is that? Why is it that in this so called “modern society” tattoos/piercings/etc. still have such a negative connotation? Because so many people are still SO ignorant.

First of all, why do people care about things that do not affect them a single bit? Ink or an extra hole or two or 10 on another person has no bearing on your own appearance, so f*ck off. I don’t entertain negative people, but it must suck to be so ignorant.

I’m a nurse, and I consider myself a great nurse at that. But I’ve heard people in my generation say that if they saw a nurse with a tattoo, they would not want that nurse to take care of them. How ignorant is that? It’s face slap worthy. What does a tattoo on a person have to do with their ability to do their job properly? Nada. It just means that they are not afraid to express themselves artistically and don’t mind “destroying” their bodies with tattoos. Unfortunately, there are still traditional standards of “professionalism”. Tattoos are not “professional”, I hope that changes. I mean, I do not seek to cover my entire body with tattoos, but I’m not limiting myself to the few that I have. It is a blank canvas after all, if you’re fine with that, that’s cool. But I like tattoos, they’re sexy. Unless they’re poorly done and ugly, then they’re just ugly. People, do your research before you get one!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I get to see him again. I had the most amazing night last night! The end.


Las Vegas is booked!


Ladies and gentlemen! I am finally going to Vegas in November! I am so excited, considering I have a friend who’s gone a million times and keeps saying how amazing it is (you know who you are!)! My poor liver.

I am quite fatigued these days, must be the lack of exercise and bad food. I’ve gone from working out 3-4 times a week to a mere one, or none this week. I’m still losing weight though, it’s the bad eating habits too. Sometimes I don’t eat for 12 hours if I’m on a night shift, I know, that’s horrible. Sometimes there isn’t time! Today feels like a movie/pizza night, add some ice cream to that and I’m in heaven.

Tomorrow, I get to see my lovely man. It’s always kind of exciting each time because we don’t see each other often. I’m trying really hard not to care about the stupid things, like not texting each other often. I know that stuff shouldn’t matter as much, it’s the stuff you do when you’re together (which is amazing, he makes me laugh :)..and he has the SOFTEST hands ever). It makes me feel a bit clingy to be honest, and I do NOT like feeling clingy. I just like to talk to the people I care about that’s all. I know this grown up business doesn’t always allow for time to do that though. What do they say?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Not sure if that’s true? Haha, I’m still learning so many things. I love learning and being challenged. My job is a great outlet for that. There’s never a dull moment and I love it. I had my first death this set, it was weird. I thought I was going to be more emotional but I wasn’t. I felt indifferent. Maybe because it was expected? I can’t imagine what family members go through when a loved one passes. I’ve been fortunate enough not to lose anyone I love and I do not look forward to the day.

That’s it for now! My pizza awaits!…or I await for my pizza since it’s not really here yet…

Ok, I’ve succumbed.

Ok, so for the longest time I’ve dabbled with the idea of creating a blog. Sure, I’ve done the xanga thing and the emo teenager overshare (I hope not to fall into that again..crosses fingers). I do miss writing though, so this will be a great outlet for that and just sharing my thoughts with strangers and friends.

I’ve always considered myself and overshar-er, if that’s a word. My closest friends can attest. I have no problem sharing, I’ve got no secrets to hide…maybe? Also, why the title? Well, despite my moments of outgoing-ness, I will always be an introvert at heart. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I believe I practice a good balance. I’ve just always been an observer more than anything, a good listener if you will. I don’t really enjoy being the center of attention, it makes me uncomfortable, once in a while is okay. We all need a dose of excessive attention once in a while right?

Anyways, onto the daily life, I’d hate to falsely advertise. Night shift last night, and back on a night shift tonight. I know I’m a mere and youthful 23, some think 16, and boy do I feel old. My knees click and my back is sore. How is that possible? Probably from not drinking my vitamins every morning (cue parents’ I told you so) and a lack of milk. The back being sore thing? Innate to being a nurse. Good thing it’s not sore ALL the time, there’s a plus.

I cannot STOP listening to my current playlist, it’s been on repeat for a month now I swear:

  • The A Team- Ed Sheeran
  • You Got Me- Colbie Callait
  • Bubbly- Colbie Callait
  • If Only- Dave Matthews Band
  • As It Seems- Lily Kershaw

I’m in a good place right now. Happy with my career, a long time coming (over exagerrating considering I’m only 23, but whatever). Happy with my social life and my love life. Until next time!

Love the life you live, live the life you love

-Bob Marley